Prof. Sadik Toprak is a forensic pathologist at Istanbul University, Turkey where performs autopsies, gives expert testimony in court, and carries out research.

Prof Sadik Toprak Forensic Expert Role in Turkish Courts

Prof Sadik Toprak has given expert testimonies to the Turkish courts since 2001. He works as a freelance scientific expert in a wide variety of criminal and civil cases.

Child Custody Cases; especially International disputes. Prof Sadik Toprak has given his expert opinion to the court about decisions about child custody that typically arise in proceedings involving divorce and separation. These cases can be problematic if parents live in different countries.

Drugs, alcohol and their misuse, and how these substances are detected and quantified in blood, urine, hair, etc.

The investigation of crime, particularly in ascertaining the causes of death or injury.

Examination of the physical evidence in criminal cases such as sexual assaults, homicides, robberies, burglaries, etc.

Questioned document examination, examining a handwriting exemplar to determine one or more psychological traits of the person providing it.

Insanity defense; Defendants who are determined to have been insane at the time they committed a crime are entitled to the criminal defense of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Legal capacity of minors.

Legal capacity of elderly in civil as well as criminal cases.

Prof Sadik Toprak Scientific Role

He performs studies on femicide, child abuse, and chemical weapons.

Prof. Sadik Toprak specialized ante-mortem and post-mortem diagnosis of chemical weapons. He is the Project leader on various ongoing projects including post-mortem diagnosis of chlorine exposure, development of an ante-mortem biomarker for chlorine, forensic analysis of chemical attacks, etc. These scientific projects are supported by various national and international institutions.

Istanbul University actively encourages his scientific studies.

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